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Data Loader import of attachments and discussion posts for cases (requests)?

Can the Data Loader tool import attachments and have them associated to a case (request)?  Same question for importing data that we'd like to populate in the discussion post section of a case (request).

We're converting our legacy data for open and completed requests and there is value in loading the attachments.  There's also "unstructured correspondence" from our legacy system (request history, compliance/approval information, general text, etc...) that we would like to store as one "discussion post" on the imported requests.

We're curious to know if that can be done and how it could be accomplished...  Any insight would be appreciated...

Thanks in advance...

Mike Rogers Answered

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The data loader can not import attachments the way you are requesting. You can speak with your Clarizen Rep or Submit a request for enhancement and that may help. 

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