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JIRA Synchronization time issue

We have synchronized JIRA to Clarizen and each field from JIRA sends its information to Clarizen (Usernames, Tasknames etc.). 

The only problem we have is the synchronization of the due time between the two systems. 

JIRA has set up the UTC+2 (we checked also the server time and it is the same, also DSF is activated)

Clarizen has set up UTC+2

Both systems have timeformat

The time is being synched, only the following problem occurs:

Time set in JIRA is for example 01.08.2016, but in Clarizen is being synched as 31.07.2018, i.e every time with one day earlier.

Can someone help with this issue?

Merlin Gates Answered

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Hi Merlin,

It seems what is happening here is that when the 'due time' syncs over, it is converted to Clarizen's server timezone.

A simple solution would be to create a custom formula field in Clarizen for due time that adds 1 day to the synced due time.

For further assistance on customization, please contact your customer success manager or attend our free advanced office hours webinars. You can register here: 

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