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A new Q&A for Clarizen forums?

Hello. Clarizen community seems quite alive and it would be better to have a better Q&A forum, (like StackOverflow) where users can search/navigate easier in questions  and answers, to be able to mark text as code in a visible way, leave comments as comments (and not like posts or answers) and so on.
Here are my 2 suggestions:

1. If the community has enough members, you can propose a new Q&A site in Area51 of StackExchange.
(FYI: StackExchange is the 'parent' of StackOverflow; and Area51 is the place where StackOverflow-like sites come alive in a democratic, community-driven, easy way).
If the site proposal gets enough 'commitments', then a new site gets opened in beta, and then it goes live if community is alive.
2. If community is not so big to open forum in Area51, you could still use any open-source Q&A platform (for example, OSQA or Stacked).

Disclaimer: I am not working on any of these products/companies; this is a honest proposal for making Clarizen better.

S/S Not planned

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