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$Notify value format in New Post WFR Action

I have a workflow rule that has a conditional action. When the condition is met, it has two sub-actions:

- Send an email

- Create a new Discussion Post item

For whatever reason, the discussion post is happening but them email is not.  I have a ticket in for that. 

Meanwhile, I figured I can use the '$Notify' optional field of the discussion post creation to email/notify the user that way.  However, any time I put something in that field, when I go into Edit mode on the WFR, that field is empty.

So, to be clear, I...

Edit > Enter $Notify value > Save > repeat.  every time, the $Notify field is blank.  Is there a certain format that the field requires to retain the value you enter?  I've tried:


- 'User Name'

- User Name

- @User Name



Richard Mann Answered

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Hello Richard,

I believe the following format is correct: {'username1'};{'username2'}

Please let me know if it works.

Thank you!

Roland Pumputis 0 votes
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I just had this come up again for another rule creating a Discussion Post and i came across my own post... and i thought it only proper that i confirm for you, Roland, that you got this exactly right.

Richard Mann 0 votes
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