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How Do I get Access to Private Discussion Group in Clarizen?

I am a system admin and I need access to the private discussion group that have been created in order to manage them on behalf of users that have left the company.  I can create a workflow rule to add me to any future private groups but I cannot create a rule or custom action that will give me access to the current private groups because the do not show up in my views, reports or any other area in the platform.  How are old Private discussion groups being managed/termed for other platform end users?

Coates, Kimberly Answered

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This would be a feature request, private applies to admins as well and this level of security is intentional. However, there is a potential workaround. As an admin, you can reactivate the user, change their email address to your own, do a password reset, and assume the role of this user. You can then change the owner of the group to yourself.

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