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Planned decommission of API v1 - Are SOAP API v1 signatures kept in v2?


We have received a notification related to the current and next updates planned for Clarizen.

In the next update for summer, there will be "API changes planned for June, 2020", where "API V1 will be retired in favor of API V2".

One of our Dev Teams that might be affected with this change would like to have an answer to the next question ("Fusion" stands for Dev Team name):

  • Does SOAP message signatures vary from V1 and V2 ?
  • Any changes in the current login functionality Fusion is following ? Below are the steps:
  1. Fusion uses “Login” operation are receives session Id
  2. Uses the session id in SOAP header for authentication
  3. Uses Logout operation to close session


Antonio Moya Answered

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Hello Antonio,


1. Generally API V2 is NOT fully backward compatible to API V1. There were some breaking changes. You can see here: Here is the quote from there:

Moving from v1.0 to V2.0

We maintain backward compatibility whenever possible between API versions. The following breaking changes have been applied in API v2:

  • Authorization info should not be sent via cookies. Instead the Session ID must be sent in the standard Authorization header (See here for more information)
  • The API for uploading and downloading files has been changed. See the reference guide for more details
  • When creating a Milestone object, you must pass an existing parent (Previously it was possible to create a milestone and only later attach it to a parent)
  • The Metadata API returns more detailed information about the different field types. Two new field types have been added: Multi-Pick list and Binary
  • Paging was changed. Instead of transferring PageNumber and PageSize parameters, you now need to send the From and Limit parameters which allows more flexibility. If you followed the API best practices of taking the Paging object from a query result and pass it “as-is” to the next request, then no changes are required

2. As Roland already answered, there is no change in login/logout functionality. You can continue to use the same steps.


Alex Broitman
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Hello Antonio,

I don't know the answer to your first question, but I think that login/logout procedure will stay the same.

I hope this helps.


Roland Pumputis 0 votes
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