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Extract Resource Load data using API call

We are trying to extract Resource Load data using API call,but could not find an API for same in documentations.
Please find the below screenshot of Resource Load screen and data we are using to extract.

Raised a query to support and they suggested to use RLTimePhaseDaily enitity

I was able to get the data from RLTimePhaseDaily entity. But i have few more questions:-

1) if you see the screenshot we do have option for weekly or monthly day .
Is there an API through which i can get direclty get aggregated (weekly preferably )?

2) In RLTimePhaseDaily I could see the daily work assigned on task level.
Do we have an API to get the capacity ? because i could not see capacity details in RLTimePhaseDaily .
Example -
if a resource works 8 hours a day, so weekly capacity is 40 hours.

Do we also track the planned vacation or leave in any of the API. because i could see those on RLTimePhaseDaily.

Ritika Arora (MiddleEast) Answered

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Hello Ritika,

1) I think there's only day and month granularity that is available - RLTimePhaseDaily and RLTimePhaseMonthly.

2) I can see Capacity field is available on the UCTimePhase object, but I'm not sure how to relate that to a resource.

3) I suggest to look into ResourceCalendarException and ResourceCalendarExceptionAbsolute for calendar exception information.

I hope this helps.


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