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How do I Reference a User Field from Timesheets?

Hi Everyone,

We assign billable hour targets as a percentage of full-time hours to each of our consultants, who log their time in timesheets (i.e., 80% of full time (working days in a month * 8h)).

I'm trying to create a report that shows each user's billable target for the current month being displayed in the report (referenced through $ReportedBy?). I've created a Percentage custom field in User called Billable Percentage ($C_BillablePercentage) and populated it with the target percentages for each user. I've also created a custom field Reference to Object->User in Timesheets called Billable Percentage ($C_BillablePercentageRef).

Now I'm trying to create another custom formula field in Timesheet that calculates the number of billable hours for each consultant for that month and displays it either in a chart or a table. This field is Month Billable Target ($C_MonthBillableTarget). The formula I'm using is:


The result is coming up empty, so I know I'm missing something fundamental here. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Ari Berman

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