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Custom action form field to filter by TargetObject parameters and current user parameters

Need to have a Reference to Object (users) selection field on a form that filters for specific users based on the current users parameter (such as isMemeberOfGroup) and the people that show-up in the filter (such as has 'EVP' in their job title)

Devlend Maul Answered

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Hi Devlend,

Normally something like this can be accomplished using Filtered Lookups:

However, IsMemeberOfGroup() function can't be used in this context. It also can't be used in formula fields that could be used for such filtering later on. 

The only option I see is to create a custom toggle field (e.g. C_isEVPJobTitleHolder) and populate it using other means (workflow rule, scheduled workflow rule). Then this field could be used in Filtered Lookups like so:

I hope this helps.


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