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Enhancement: Change in project detail view should only change for current browser tab.

If we have two different projects open in two different browser tabs, and if user changes the project details view in 1st tab and then refreshes the 2nd tab, the browser refreshes the 2nd tab to the same view selected in 1st tab. This is very frustrating for the user when user is trying to manage 2 projects with different views.

Request: It would be great if Clarizen can retain the view per browser tab or have ability to share the link with project detail view which doesn’t change with change in other tabs. 

Possible quick solution/recommendation: We know Clarizen provides share link option, and I believe share link option retains the current view of the project. But again, if I copy and open the shared link and change the view of the other project, the project detail view of shared link also changes to same view of the other project.May be Clarizen leverage this shared functionality to retain the project view.


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