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Ability to auto-save open text inserted into Custom Action Panel without submitting

Feature: When a Custom Action is created on a Project module, you have the option to access the customer action via the 'custom actions' ribbon in the project view.

When you click this, a panel is prompted for the end user to work through the custom action.

Use Case: 

  • Upon a project closing out, we ask our team to fill out a 'Project Closeout Form' (custom action panel on a project). This form has open text answers like: Biggest Win, Lessons Learned, Business Use Cases, Biggest Obstacle, Additional Closeout Notes.
  • Some of our closeout forms can be really long. A consultant may partially fill it out and go back to it later without actually 'submitting' it because there are several required fields.

Current behavior: 

  • If you hit submit, the text in the custom action panel will save.

Desired behavior: 

  • Without hitting submit, I'd like the open text in the custom actions panel to save so consultants can go back to it at a later time.

Current workaround:

  • Consultants use other tools to write their closeout forms and copy/paste the closeout note when they're ready. This is extra work for the consultant and is poor user experience.
James Bridgewater Not planned

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So, as it's a one-time action (i.e. not  a weekly report where the fields would be updated on an ongoing basis), hows about you:

1. load the data from the fields in the form (set the default values of the input fields)

2. add a toggle to the form "Closeout Report Done"

3. Save updates always (users can hit OK)

4. Send email only when toggle selected.

David Goulden
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Are you storing the outputs of the form in separate fields or are you merging them all into a long formatted text field/ discussion post?


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The outputs are stored as a separate fields. One of our main use cases is to push closeout outputs in email form to internal business stakeholders so they can get quick project overviews.

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Hey David - Sorry for this super late reply.


Can you clarify what you mean by that first item.

"1. load the data from the fields in the form (set the default values of the input fields)"

To access the 'Project Closeout Form', out team has to go to the project view > custom actions > click 'project closeout form' > Project closeout form pops up and the team enters data.

Are you saying to put the project closeout form data points on the property card or something? Or are you saying that there's an easy way to make it so when folks are entering free-text in the closeout form, we can make it so that the text auto-saves?

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