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A way to lock editable access on a field for 2 weeks of every month.

We're in the process of incorporating better project management behavior across our team. One of the stages to make this happen is to help our team better understand the importance and process for agreeing on a project closeout plan.

For this early stage, we've created a new project overview view to list key fields that we need to be properly updated and accurate every month (i.e. Close Date, Project Status, Executive Update).

  • I've created a toggle for a project manager to 'certify that the monthly project fields are accurate'. Project Managers must adjust this field to TRUE by the 10th of every month.
  • This triggers a workflow to record the date that the field was last updated (as it must be updated monthly)
  • I've created another scheduled workflow to move the toggle to FALSE on the 28th of every month.

ASK: Is there a way that I can lock the ability to edit the' I certify that the monthly project fields are accurate' toggle field from the 11th-28th of every month? I'd like to prevent folks from editing the field before the workflow re-zeros it.


James Bridgewater Answered

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You can use a validation rule to check if the value is changed and if the previous value was ON and pop up a message to let the user know that they cannot toggle it off, once it has been toggled on. Might be easier to check if it was manually set vs system set (by workflow rule) as opposed to checking the dates (11-28th of the month). You can allow the system to untoggle but not users so in your validation rule you would check if the value changed and if it was not done by the system 


IsChanged(toggle) && IsManuallySet(TRUE) && GetPreviousValue(toggle)= true

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This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for your help!

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