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Allow simple triggers and workflows

Allow simple workflow triggers.

It should be as easy as IFTTT to setup and run a new trigger or workflow.

No coding, only pre-defined triggers, actions and conditions.


Umesh Shah Completed

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I agree, at least for some things, it would be nice to have some options pre-built actions to choose from. Having the option to code more complicated requests is great, but it would be nice to have some simple options to work with as well.

Similarly, it would be great to have more resources about the coding system. I'd love a pre-recorded video or suite of videos that discussing the syntax and how to utilize the coding options. 

Monica Lippens 1 vote

It is possible to use Clarizen One as the workflow engine for Clarizen Go. All you need to do is sync a Go workspace with a One project, then you have access to the extremely rich and powerful workflow engine in One.

As an internal example: when you submit a support ticket related to Go and the Support team believes there is a potential issue, it gets escalated into Clarizen Go where the ticket is managed by our R&D team as a user story. That workspace is synced back to Clarizen One and as the issue is being worked on the Support team receives near-real time notifications on the status of that user story along with relevant data from Go. The workflow rule that sends out those custom notifications is built using Clarizen One without any fancy coding.

Josh Santos 0 votes