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Allow resource to edit overview field?

Hi there,

I am just wondering if there is a way to let resources who are assigned to a task edit the information rich overview fields of the task.

Use case:
We are migrating from Redmine where we are used to build up a little bit of documentation directly in the task. Questions like: What excatly is the job, why have we chosen this or that approach, pictures to illustrate a problem or a solution.

I am aware that doing documentation is not what Clarizen was designed for. But as you have these nice Overview fields I wanted to offer them to our colleagues to make the transition to the new tool more acceptable.


is there a way to make the Overview fields of a task editable for people who are assigned as a resource to the task?

Or do you have any other suggestion to offer this kind of functionaliy to resources? I am aware of other fields, but their maximum character limit of 2000 is too restricitive in some cases. So is there for example a way to increase this limit?

Juergen Riedmann

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Hi Juergen, I had a similar requirement we I wanted to give my PMO access rights to changes any field. I opted for a basic workflow rule that gave anyone in my Manager Group access. When we create a project, the rule runs and adds all PMO members to the Manager group. This works very well for us. The downside is that if you applied the same approach, then every field could be edited by anyone

Alternatively, you could review the options in Profile Permissions to see if you can restrict to the Work Plan only for example

Antony Willers 0 votes

Antony, Thanks for sharing your ideas! I'll think about it.

Though at first glance I do not like too much to have everybody as a manager everywhere, just for the reason of adding documentation to work items.

My current idea is to use action items for that.

We already created the option that everybody can add ToDo-List items to the tasks where they are assigned as a ressource. These are called ActioItems then and can be used for personal organisation at a level below the managed work plan or for creating a kind of checklists to assigned work items.

I guess it would be a good way for us to go, to direct users documentation into these action items. As they create them themselfs they are managers anyway and can invite others to join just as they find it useful.


Juergen Riedmann 0 votes