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GO API Authentication

I'm a little confused on how to go about using the GO API with the Authentication header. How does one go about authenticating and getting a Bearer or ApiKey for the GO API.  The documentation here seems only to describe the API calls but stops short of explaining how to retrieve a token.

The REST API 2.0 documentation indicates to use this POST method to /v1.0/services/authentication/login and this returns a valid session, example here:

"sessionId": "255f9e3e-2834-4cdc-9d87-f005e81465ca_XXXXX",
"userId": "1XXXXXXX-41a3-455f-9281-be8c61cXXXXX",
"organizationId": "XXXi14heq55hqokkixvpvXXXXX",
"serverTime": "2019-08-02T17:48:03.1951275Z",
"licenseType": "Full"
This looks fine, but doesn't get what is needed for calls to:
How does one go about using the returned sessionId to get a Bearer token to use in the GO API?
Christopher Connolly Answered

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Hi Chris, 

You are correct. What you have is a "sneak peek" into the upcoming API documentation, but it's not yet ready for use. As you noticed, it's still missing the authentication part. This will be developed and added to the documentation within the next couple of weeks, and then we will officially publish it for public use. 

Please stay tuned!


Inbar Shaham

Senior Product Manager, Clarizen Go

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