Subject Email Line

What 's New?

   A newly defined e-mail subject line that self propagates from other fields.  


   The admin user can define on an organizational level, what will be displayed in the subject of all incoming e-mails from Clarizen discussion posts.  This can include the Item ID, Item Name and/or body.

How it works

 The admin user must go into the system settings to define this field.  Under option 10.10 you can select the setting :

  • Body (set as default) 
  • [Object Name] Body
  • [ID] [Object Name] Body
    Please note: The number of characters included when displaying the body of the text is determined by the e-mail service provider (outlook, gmail etc).

'Body' refers to the the 'first line' of text in a discussion post. 
'First line' = will include all characters until you hit enter or reach the maximum character allowance.



Once Admin has defined the Subject Line setting, all discussion post e-mails will share this format.

IMPORTANT: When the '[ID] [Object Name] Body' option is selected and a mail is generated for an object that does not have a defined ID, such as a discussion group or user, the subject line will display only the [Object Name] Body.




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