Project Manager Reports

With the ever changing landscape of a Project Manager’s’ world, there’s a lot to gain by creating reports and dashboards that make it easy to manage by exception and provide a 360 degree view of their world. Below are list of OOTB reports, unless otherwise noted, that should be used or modified to fit your needs.

  1. Project Management Dashboard
  2. Number of projects by project manager
  3. All projects off tracks
  4. All projects at risk
  5. Late Projects
  1. Milestone Status Report
    1. Install:
  1. # of open issues by user
  2. # of open issues by state
  3. # of open issues by type
  1. Risk Register
  2. Risks Sorted by Risk Rate
  3. Risks by Project
  1. Requests by State
  2. # of Open requests by Assignee
  3. # of open request by Type
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