Mobile App Best Practices

Did you know Clarizen has a powerful mobile app? We knew our users were working on the go so we created an app to support both the iOS and Android platforms. You can view project plans fill out time cards, view & complete tasks, fill out forms and manage your teams.

From the usability side, the addition of profiles extends Clarizen's flexibility. For admins, it’s recommended you create a separate mobile profile if possible. Most of the time, users will want a more focused experience in mobile, so some activities, like building out a large work breakdown structure, will most likely remain in larger screen applications of Clarizen.

Push notifications are supported in the platform to make it easy to send notifications to team members out in the field.


Admin Steps:

Project Manager Profile

When thinking about setting up your manager profile, there’s a wide range of factors to consider based on your workflow, but it’s best to first think about communication and moving the project along. You may have forgotten to send your status reports so having Custom Action support is really powerful, helping you automate while on the go.

PMs usually have to consume more data, so when setting up views for mobile, it’s important to consider the landscape view, giving you a grid of data:

Setup Profile:

  1. Create a profile named PM Mobile and select the check box “Mobile Profile”
  2. Under Navigation, add:
    1. Projects (Home)
    2. Requests
    3. Tasks
    4. Social
    5. Timesheets


Team Member Profile

When your team members are using the mobile application, it’s best to provide a focused experience. They will probably only use a couple of modules. This best practice will assume you’re collecting time from your end users. In this case, provide only the timesheet, tasks and social modules.

Setup Profile:
  1. Create a profile and select the check box “Mobile Profile”
  2. Under navigation, add
    1. Timesheet (Home)
    2. Tasks
    3. Social
  3. For the groups needing to use this mobile profile, the best practice is to assign this profile to the “Mobile Profile” field.


End User Steps:
  1. Download Application
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