Clarizen Bot, AI for work management, helps teams move faster and focus on the right things.

Manage your Clarizen projects without having to leave Slack. No need to remember tricky commands. WIth natural language processing, Clarizen Bot answers questions like “Are any of my projects offtrack?” so you can easily keep track of your work without having to leave Slack. 

Clarizen Bot can help you:

Stay Up To Date: Get the status of your projects.

  • From Slack, ask Clarizen Bot to get a status of progress, status of tasks, or the cost of a project.

Get Back on Track: Quickly determine which projects are at risk and why.

  • Asking Clarizen Bot, “Do I have any off-track projects” will provide a list of projects that are at risk and the largest contributor to the risk

Update Status: Easily update your tasks with Clarizen Bot’s help. Be able to mark complete, update due date of a task from Slack

  • Update status of a task




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