Apply Task Assignment from Projects Resource Planning

What's New?

In a previous release we added the capability in the Resource Planning screen to align Project Assignment to reflect the Task Assignment (AKA "Work by Day").

This release adds the ability to manage this from a Project's Resource Planning view

This feature is also available via configurations. Click here for more information.


1. Project Managers can align their Resources' Project Assignment to reflect real work load from tasks to allow comparing against Projects with only high-level Resource Project Assignment. Especially useful when doing incremental (rolling-wave) and upcoming period planning.

2. Use the Project Assignment as a placeholder to hold original high-level assignment. 

How it works

In Resource Planning mode, you can use the Apply Task Assignment button for specific users to reflect the real detailed plan (bottom row of Resources), in the high level Project Assignment (top row of Resources).

When doing so, you update for specific periods.







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