Summer 2017 Update 4 (September 10, 2017)


Last updated: Sept 03, 2017

Release date: Sept 10, 2017

This release includes a number of important usability updates.

The table below summarizes the features introduced in this release and their potential impact on your organization.

Functional area

New feature Enabled by default Requires admin setup Affected audience
Usability & UI "Date Range" filter integrated in new Filters  ✔    All
Dashboards & Reports Admins can see All Reports & Dashboards ✔     Admins
Usability & UI Rich Text Area custom fields ✔    ✔  All
Usability & UI Overview Field - workflow support ✔   ✔  Full License Users
Permissions Save Permission Access Levels in Templates ✔     Full License Users
 Financial Planning Calculate Project Labor Budget from Project Assignment ✔     Financial Users
Financial Planning Financial Planning View usability improvements ✔     Financial Users
Integrations iHub - Search before Create ✔     Admins
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