Additional Resource Utilization Reports

Resource Utilization reports recently gained flexibility with an Edit Columns button.

This update introduces 3 new editable reports to reduce repeat configuration time by saving different column sets for the common utilization scenarios:

  1. Resource Utilization Planned vs Actual - past periods, summary report
  2. Resource Utilization Performance Report - past periods with project utilization categories
  3. Resource Utilization Forecast Report - forward looking, with project utilization categories


You can personalize the reports' column sets using those from Project and Task assignment, actuals from timesheets, and capacity from calendar, in addition to custom categories such as PTO or internal projects. Categories, including custom ones, can be set on the Work Item level for better management and reporting.

Changes to the column sets are personal and do not affect other users.


Who can see the Reports?

Admins & Super Users. Additional users can be enabled via the sharing permissions. 


Report Default Details

Report Resource Utilization Planned vs Actual Resource Utilization Performance Report Resource Utilization Forecast Report
Use this for Planned work vs actuals from timesheets Actuals from timesheets, grouped by Project Utilization Categories and Billable/Non-Billable  Forecast Based on Project Assignment, grouped by Project Utilization categories and Billable/Non-Billable
Date Range Set your date range for completed periods.  Set your date range for completed periods.  Set your date range for future dates.
Default Fields Working hours Working hours Working hours
Capacity Calendar Exceptions Capacity
Exceptions Capacity Project Assignment
Billable Task Assignment Actual time Billable Project Assignment
Billable actual Billable actual Non-billable Project Assignment
Billable % utilization (Working hours) Non-billable actual Project Assignment on Customer work
Billable % utilization (capacity) Actual Training Project Assignment on Internal projects
Billable Task Assignment % utilization (Capacity) Actual PTO Project Assignment on Other
Billable Task Assignment % utilization (Working hours) Actual Other Project Assignment on PTO
  Actual Customer work Project Assignment on Training
  Actual Internal projects Project Assignment on N/A
  Actual N/A Billable Project Assignment % utilization (Capacity)
  Billable % utilization (Working hours) Billable Project Assignment % utilization (Working hours)
  Billable % utilization (capacity)  
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  • Avatar
    Chad Williams

    HI David,

    Does the functionality exist yet to pull PTO from the resource calendars as opposed to creating tasks in 'admin' or other project and identifying these as PTO? It might be considered confusing to some as to where to capture PTO.

    and a similar related question
    Can you advise on best practice on how to provide visibility for resources on PTO to the entire project community where these resources do not have licenses?

  • Avatar
    Chad Williams

    Really looking forward to these report enhancements though by the way - thank you!

  • Avatar
    David Goulden

    Just to follow up on Chad's questions:
    1/ The Utilization Reports are pivot table-style where each user has a row. Add the Working Hours and Exceptions columns to see aggregate PTO (Exceptions) and their impact on availability (Working Hours) from resource calendars.

    2/ The second question is a thorny one for multi-national matrix organizations. Whilst direct managers frequently have authority to approve time off, they rarely cross-check with project managers who may have assigned work (or be planning to) to the PTO requester. Whilst you have all this information in Clarizen, it's not fully automated as a flow. We have some ideas to improve this process in the future.

  • Avatar
    Sarah Ottey

    I would like to configure the Resource Utilization Performance Report to include the column "Target Utilization" but am not given the option when I use the "Edit Columns" button. Does the option not exist or can it be configured?

  • Avatar
    David Goulden

    Sorry for the delayed response. This column should be automatically added to the report, so you don't need to add it in the column picker.