Summer 2017 Update 5 (October 1, 2017)


Last updated: Sept 26, 2017

Release date: Oct 01, 2017

This release includes a number of important usability updates.

The table below summarizes the features introduced in this release and their potential impact on your organization.

Functional area

New feature Enabled by default Requires admin setup Affected audience
Financial Planning Track Non-Labor Costs on Milestones ✔     Financial Users
Financial Planning Financial Planning Timephase data in Reports ✔     Financial Users
Permissions Cases Inherit from Work Items ✔     Full License Users
Notifications & Alerts Suppress emails to Admins when new users are added to the Organization    ✔  Admin
Configuration Overview Field - improved API support ✔   ✔  Admin



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    Did this get released on 1st October? We are missing the Financial Planning Time-phase data in Reports. Is there a system setting we need to enable?

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    Bowe, John

    I have just tried this and I get the same issue. the Financial Class Relation is not there. I checked to make sure I was a financial user and I am.

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    Tom Do

    Hi John and Chris,

    It seems like you do not have the financial planning settings turn on. You would need to turn on financial planning in Settings > System Settings > 9.5 "Enable financial Planning." Let me know if this helps.