Non-Labor on Milestones

What's New?

Non-labor resources can now be added on the Milestone level. This is a popular request from customers starting to use Financial Planning


Note: This capability is available to organizations who have already enabled "Financial Planning" in System Settings > Budget Management. 



Many organizations plan Project spend at the Milestone (Phase) level to give greater accuracy than planning at Project level, but without having to plan at granular per-task spend. 


How it works

Exactly the same as adding NLR on project level. 

Add timephased Non-Labor costs, forecasts and actuals to Milestones.



In Summary mode, in addition to viewing the Summary on the project level, you can now select a Milestone and view the Milestone and any tasks this NLR is added to.




Labor on Milestones?

Since labor cannot be added on the Milestone level and is not aggregated there per resource, the Labor resource panel will be always empty when a Milestone is selected in Project hierarchy tree



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