Restorable Timesheets

Timesheets can now be restored from the Recycle Bin, which means that you never lose reported time, even when accidentally deleted. 

When can a timesheet be restored

Timesheets can be restored in the following cases:

  1. The resource is still assigned to the work item
    • Note that this holds true even if the resource was unassigned and then reassigned to the task
  2. The Work Item state allows time reporting
    • The work item state cannot be set to "Cancelled"
    • All other states depend on the relevant values of System Settings
  3. There have been less than 45 days since original deletion

Who can restore a timesheet

Timesheets can be restored by:

  1. System Admin
  2. Super Users
  3. The user who deleted the timesheet (or resource with timesheets), assuming that they have permissions on the work item
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