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The Slide Publisher is a brand new feature that allows you to quickly produce branded, executive-quality, Microsoft Powerpoint presentations using your Clarizen data, to be shared with executives and customers.

Using Slide Publisher's Template Wizard, an add-on for Microsoft Powerpoint, you can insert placeholder tags to any Powerpoint presentation.  When publishing your presentation these tags are replaced with real-time Clarizen data via an action in Clarizen.


Slide Publisher benefits

  1. Pull your Project's data into your presentation (such as: Project Name, Sponsor, Description, Project Manager, Due Date).
  2. Display your Project's Roadmap in your presentation.
  3. Pull your Projects' related information  (such as: Risks, Milestones, Requests, and their fields) into tables.
  4. Produce an entire program or portfolio slide deck containing Summary Slides and Repeating Slides per sub-project (yes, yes, extremely powerful!).


Use cases

  • New Project Request presentations - with business case, milestones and risks
  • Portfolio status to be presented in Project Review board meetings - a standard presentation of multiple projects in a portfolio/ work stream
  • Simple status report for internal customers


Slide Publisher App

The Slide Publisher App uses 3 components:

  1. Slide Publisher an install from Clarizen App Marketplace
  2. Template Wizard a manual install for Powerpoint365, available for download from the Slide Publisher App listing's Documentation section)
  3. Your Template Presentation - You will tag your slides with project details directly in the Template Wizard, upload to Clarizen, and choose the presentation when publishing slides from your Clarizen project.
  • The app also includes 3 sample presentation templates:
    • 4 Box Status Update
    • Project Deck
    • Monthly Program Reporting Deck - for portfolio projects with subprojects


Building a template

  1. Design your PowerPoint with your branding, colors, format, logo etc., or use the standard presentation format you already use in your organization.
  2. Once your template is ready, use the side panel “Slide Publisher” Add-on to select which data from Clarizen to bring into the presentation as placeholders. You will copy and paste the placeholder tags you generated with the Slide Publisher into your presentation.
  3. Like similar flexible template creation tools, the placeholders are represented by curly brackets / curly braces like this: {}. Additionally the rightside closing bracket "}" is a hyperlink and holds some additional data like format, sorting, filtering and must not be deleted or modified.
  4. Once you are satisfied with your creation, upload the Presentation template into Clarizen (It is recommended to link it somewhere accessible to all users in your organization. Either to a Discussion Group: "PMO Stationery", or a Topic: "Presentation Templates")
  5. Install the ‘Slide Publisher’ app and enable it.


Publish Slides

  1. Go to a Project of your choice and run the custom action "Publish Slides".
  2. Choose the relevant template to use and run the action to produce a new professional-grade presentation, including your latest Clarizen data custom branded for you.
  3. In Powerpoint, make any final formatting tweaks you need.
  4. Share your Presentation with your stakeholders, team, or customer.

Supported PowerPoint Versions

  • Slide Publisher works with Powerpoint Online, Powerpoint 2013 and above, for both Windows and Mac.
  • Slide Publisher works only for Projects and their related items and sub projects.


Some Helpful Tips

  • Powerpoint's slide format imposes limitations on what can realistically fit on a screen. Don't expect to show everything from your rich Clarizen screen on a single slide.
  • Powerpoint tables will not auto-resize your text. If your field contains a lot of text, your tables can spill off your slides and you'll need to tidy up the sizing once you've produced your presentation.
  • We find that it is difficult to neatly display more than 15 table rows on a slide. We've limited the number per table to 25, but do not recommend more than 8-10.
  • When working with tables, add the 2 rows you need to the slide and plan in advance how you want to sort the rows (by Due Date ascending, by Score descending)
    • Note that sorting can be done only for one column in a table
  • Table filters are not stored anywhere outside of the placeholder tags. If you want to change fields in a table, you'll need to re-build all placeholders in that table.
  • If you want to work with existing files in Powerpoint Online, you can upload them into OneDrive for Business/ Sharepoint Online.


Need more info?

Learn more about the Slide Publisher and how to install:

  1.  Slide Publisher
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