Slide Publisher App is easy to install as a free install from the Microsoft Store. 

The App uses the following components:

  1. From the Clarizen App: Slide Publisher can be installed by admin from Clarizen App Marketplace. This app includes a custom action that is enabled on the project level, and is used to publish the presentation using the template and Clarizen data.

  2. MS PowerPoint "Template Wizard" Add-On allows you to add placeholder tags to your template, that are later replaced with real-time data from your Clarizen account.  

    It can be installed for free from the MS store or by manually downloading this Manifest XML file to your local PC and installing in MS:

    2.1 From MS Office Store: 

    Directly from PowerPoint:

    Go to ‘Insert’ >> ‘Office Add-ins’ >> MS Store
    Select Clarizen Slide Publisher
    This will add a new button to your ‘Insert’ menu
    You will see the new icon in your ribbon on the far right, use it to access Slide Publisher.



    2.2 For Manual installation to you organization follow the simple steps below:

    To download, right-click on the Manifest XML file link and choose "Save As" / "Save Link As" to your computer.   

    To upload to my organization select one of the links below:

    Installing the add-on to PowerPoint Online, please refer to:

    Installing the add-on for Powerpoint 2013 & 2016, please refer to: 

    Go to ‘Insert’ >> ‘Office Add-ins’ >> ‘My Organization’
    Click on ‘Slide Publisher’
    This will add a new button to your ‘Insert’ menu


    You will see the new icon in your ribbon on the far right, use it to access Slide Publisher


*Customers who have previously downloaded the manifest, will not experience any change and can continue to work as they had previously without experiencing any changes.

3. In your Template Presentation you'll input tags in the MS PowerPoint Template Wizard Add-On, upload your file to Clarizen and choose it when publishing slides from your Clarizen project


  • The app also include 3 sample presentation templates which you can use
    • 4 Box Status Update
    • Project Deck
    • Monthly Program Reporting Deck - for portfolio projects with sub-projects


Once the installation process is complete, future access to your Slide Publisher is quick and easy.  With the SSO (Single Sign-On) option you will go through a one time authentication process and then simply enter your user name to login.
For more information regarding the Slide Publisher SSO please click: Slide Publisher SSO


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  • Avatar
    Kiara Ochoa


    The Manifest.xml link does not work and I cannot find the Template Wizard in the Microsoft Store.

  • Avatar
    Antony Willers

    Hi, I am also having the same issue. No Template Wizard in MS Store and XML doesn't work

  • Avatar
    YouView TV Support

    Is Microsoft Office 2010 supported and are there any specific instructions available for installing the add on for the 2010 version.

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