IT Best Practices Introduction

There’s no such thing as an easy IT project, just varying degrees of complexity, difficulty and risk. Clarizen was built to make your life easier and teams more effective by making information more accessible and lifting the unnecessary burden -off your team through automation.

In this best practices document, we are going to focus on the main areas of a project lifecycle: Request Intake, Project Creation, Resource Management and Status Reporting.

In the following Best Practices, you'll view a number of business processes and the following video highlights some of these:

Clarizen for IT PPM demo

Key benefits your organization will gain from using Clarizen:

Resource utilization

Clarizen delivers real-time insights into all your available resources, projects, and budgets and allows you to easily run hypothetical scenarios given different priorities and budgets. You can also view the resources that would be affected by the different scenarios before you implement the ‘go forward plan’. 

Full visibility

Clarizen automatically centralizes, organizes and contextualizes all data and activities, and links them with the appropriate project or change request. As such, IT teams enjoy unprecedented 360 degree real-time visibility into the project pipeline, and use this insight to effectively and consistently prioritize projects and change requests.

Effective communication

Instead of working in silos and on islands, Clarizen brings IT project team members together so they can collaborate, brainstorm, strategize and succeed. The result is a dramatic reduction in status meetings, resolution times, cost and schedule overruns, and unhappy customers.

Accurate data capturing

Clarizen accurately captures and tracks all project data in real-time, including effort, status, issues, and change requests – which automatically includes all pertinent details, such as the name of the person/customer who requested the change, description, priority and timeframe, along with relevant discussion posts and attachments.

Powerful portfolio management

Clarizen delivers total transparency into the complete lifecycle and all conversations, approvals, files, and related work. Bring a new level of control and visibility to your portfolio management. Align investments with organizational priorities, create consistent processes and standards, proactively identify trends, threats and opportunities and are effectively manage change at every stage of the lifecycle.


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