Time Phase Custom Field Support

What's New?

You can now add custom fields to your financial planning time phases, and due to the special nature of time phases, it comes with some limitations and some goodies.  


What can I do?

  • Add Currency fields which roll up and total across time periods in the Financial Planning panel
  • Add Numeric fields which total across all time periods in the Financial Planning panel
  • Add Percent fields - these don't have any special aggregations
  • Use workflow to drive combination calculations using data from Non-Labor Resource or Non-Labor Resource Link custom fields with the Time Phases. 


What can't I do?

  • Add fields of type: Text, Text Area, URL, Toggle, Duration, Picklist, Multi-Select Picklist, Date
  • Currency fields will be limited to a maximum of 10. 






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    How do you modify values in the custom field? They seem to be read only in the financial planning view.

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    Clarizen Questioner

    ^ I would like to bump Melissa's question, as I am wondering the same thing!


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    Clarizen Questioner

    I also have another question: Why won't my Non-Labor Time Phase Data Custom Field roll up to the Totals at the top under the Timescale?

    - CQ