SSO for Slide Publisher


You can now quickly sign in to Slide Publisher with an SSO (Single sign-on) option.

Figure 1: This Login panel is identical to your Clarizen account's login. Click Connect via Federal Authentication to use SSO.

Figure 1   



You will now see the panel as shown in figure 2 below: Enter your username, and after a one-time authentication process you will be able to automatically log in via an SSO option.

Figure 2



Once you have successfully logged in you will be routed to the Slide Publisher wizard:





No admin or formal procedures are required. All users will be able to log in and use Slide Publisher. 

SSO with Slide Publisher can be used with Chrome and most desktop applications, however Internet Explorer (IE) is currently not supported. 

Microsoft Office Versions

The following versions are supported:

Office and Platform

Office 2013 on Windows*

(one-time purchase)

Office 2016 or later on Windows*

(one-time purchase)

Office on Windows


Office on iPad


Office on Mac


Office on the web

Office Online Server


Build 15.0.4855.1000 or later

Build 16.0.4390.1000 or later

Version 1602 (Build 6741.0000) or later

1.22 or later

15.20 or later

January 2017

Version 1608 (Build 7601.6800) or later












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  • Avatar
    Stoil Stoilov

    When we try to use the SSO with Slide Publisher, it opens a window within PowerPoint, which successfully loads the Clarizen interface. However, that doesn't reflect on the add-in, which remains logged out and we have to log in with username and password. We have SSO using Office 365 Azure AD.

  • Avatar
    Shane Russell

    We have the exact same problem that Stoil Stoilov posted on March 9, 2018. Just wondering if there are any updates that could allow SSO to work with slide publisher add-in within PowerPoint.

  • Avatar
    Susan McCartin

    Anyone have any luck with this? We are seeing the same problem.

  • Avatar
    Manuel Brouard

    Same for me too, any luck for anyone here?

  • Avatar
    Sharon Richards

    I guess there's no change, as I'm having the same issue