Customer Contacts

Customer Contacts

This page describes customer contacts and includes the following sections:

​ About Customer Contacts

You can add contacts to a relevant customer in two different ways; either by clicking in the 'Add Related 'ribbon or Relations Panel, or by adding a definable Contacts field to the Customers module grid.

Both methods enable adding multiple customer contacts and defining a contact as the 'main' company contact.

Adding the Customer Contacts Field

  1. Navigate to the Customers module.
  2. Click located right of the closed Navigation Panel.

Figure 1: Gear

The settings menu drops down.

  1. From the menu, under COLUMNS , select Manage.

Figure 2: Settings Menu

The Choose Fields multi-find window opens. The Contacts field appears in the right-hand panel.

Figure 3: Choose Fields

  1. Add the field to the view:
  • Click aligned to 'Contacts'.
  • Click
  • Check in the Your Selections column and use the controls to s ort the vertical list order.
  1. Click ​

    The field is added to the grid.

Figure 4: Contacts Field Added

Adding Customer Contacts

  1. Navigate to the Customers module.
  2. Click to activate the Contacts field (or alternatively, select 'Add Related' in the relation panel or ribbon and select 'Contacts').

Figure 5: Contacts Field Activated

The field editor opens.

  1. Click

    The Add New Contact Person pop-up opens.

Figure 6: Add New Contact Person

  1. Enter the contact name.

    To upload a custom icon, click the contact icon on the left.

  1. Click in order to define the contact to be the main customer contact.

    The switch becomes
  2. Enter the following data:
  • Email
  • Office Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  1. Click ​​

    The customer contact is added.
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