Mobile Social

Mobile Social

Note: Social is available only on iOS.

Whenever a colleague posts a new message on any group or item you are following, you will see the message pop up at the top of the screen. Clicking the message will take you directly to the social feed where you can read the message, reply to it, or perform any other action such as liking or sharing it.

The mobile social module also allows you to navigate between your different discussion groups, post new messages, share images, add new action items, mention different work items, and notify your team members.  And of course, just like the web app, Clarizen's mobile app allows you create discussions on any item in the system, giving you the ability to collaborate and bring your ideas to life in the direct context of your work.

Click on the light blue title to navigate discussion groups, you will see all groups you are a member of as well as a button to join other discussion groups and create new ones

When in a discussion group you can click the I icon to see full information and relations​, from here you can start new discussions, add replays, Like discussions and view a list of all users whom liked a discussion.

In order to add notifications,  topics etc. use @ and #, just like you would when writing  in emails.

You can add notifications from the bottom toolbar as well , which also allows you to attach files using the Camera icon.

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    Helen Meijer

    When will this be available on Android?