Work Items Detailed View

Work Items Detailed View

Building Your Work Plan

This page describes building your Clarizen work plan (WBS) and includes the following sections:

About The Work Plan Panel


The Work Plan panel is available in all work item detail views and enables you to build out the structure of your work.
For example, for entire projects you can build out the project structure (see creating a project ).


Adding New Items to The Work Plan

  1. Navigate to a work item's Work Plan panel.
  2. Select an item in the grid .
  3. O n the ribbon, c lick

  1. Choose the required item from the drop-down list and structure your work plan:




This page describes Clarizen work i tem scheduling and includes the following sections:

Work Item Status Display


The Scheduling Status of work items is displayed with either a Green, Orange or Red colored button, representing a status of
On Track, At Risk or Off Track respectively :


Scheduling Status Calculation

Clarizen calculates the scheduling status by analyzing a work item's current Actual Percent Completed versus the defined
Expected Percent Completed .

Leaf Tasks

The scheduling status of leaf tasks (tasks that have no sub tasks) is as follows:

  • — If the Actual Percent Completed is under 10% less than the Expected Percent Completed or
    Actual Percent Completed is greater than the Expected Percent Completed
  • — If the Actual Percent Completed is 10% or more below the Expected Percent Completed
  • — The due date of the task has passed and the Actual Percent Completed is less than 100%


Hammock Work Items

Hammock work items are calculated in the same way as specified above. However, if a hammock 's sub-work item is on a
critical path and has a scheduling status differing from the one calculated, the hammock inherits, by default, the scheduling
status of that sub-work item.


Work item - Expenses

Expenses are a user's expenditures linked to their work activities. The Expense Sheets module can be used to track relevant
information about expenses such as the following items:

  • What was purchased
  • How much was spent
  • Reason for purchasing
  • Whether purchasing was done within the activities of a specific project
  • Whether an expense is billable to a customer
  • Whether an employee needs to be reimbursed


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