Timesheet Module

View Navigator

The figure below shows the Timesheets module out-of-the-box' default view options.

Figure 1 : Timesheets Module View Navigator


Team Panel

The Timesheets module supports including Clarizen's Team Panel view option. Addition of the Team Panel creates a team-centric view to better assist with team collaboration and reporting.

Timesheets 'Team-centric' Customer & Projects View



Using the Time Range Filter enables filtering the grid to show work items occurring during the actual period/date(s) defined. 

Clicking the icon, located above the ribbon enables managing grid column sets which can then be further filtered and sorted. 


You can add work item fields, such as the task type and priority, user, or resource assignment fields.

Fields on the resource assignment link include the remaining effort or work that an individual user has on the given work item.

​Timesheets Module Grid




The Timesheets module ribbon , located under the masthead (at the top-left) provides controls for performing actions on selected items.

Tasks Module Ribbon

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