Box Integration

Using Box with Clarizen

The Box integration improves Clarizen's collaboration capabilities by giving you the ability to link existing BOX files to Clarizen entities like projects, milestones, tasks, cases and easily manage your sharing with the rest of your team through Clarizen.

Associating your Box Account to Clarizen

Users can associate their accounts to BOX either:

  • Automatically when attempting to add a BOX file for the first time
  • From the 'My Details' page

To associate the BOX account from the 'My Details' page

  1. Click your name in the Masthead and select the "My Details" option
  2. In the Profile card, click on "More Info"

  1. Locate the "Integration Settings" field under the "Personal Details" section and click on "edit..."
    Alternatively, you could search for the "Integration Settings" field in the properties card search bar at the top right hand corner of the card.

    The Integration Settings window appears
  2. Click Associate with Box Account

    You will be redirected to BOX
  3. Enter your BOX credentials
  4. Click Authorize
  5. Confirm access to BOX

    Your account is now associated to BOX
  6. To remove your BOX account association, click Remove Association

Linking Box Files and Folders to Clarizen Items

You can link a Box file anywhere you can add new files simply by clicking "Add Related", selecting "Files", and then selecting the "Box" tab.

Linking your first box file to Clarizen will create an association between the two accounts.

Adding a Box File or Folder

  1. Navigate to the Add File window via one of the methods described i n the Adding Files page.
  2. Click
  3. Click
    The Choose a Box Doc find window opens.
  4. Select the intended Folder or File, create a new folder , or upload file to Box and click

You can use the search field to quickly locate the file you are looking for.

  1. Define the Name field.
  2. Click to select a category for the Document Type field.
  3. Enter a description to the Description field.
  4. Click
  5. The data is sent to the server, a message confirms the action, and the selected Box folder is added to the item.

Upload a new file to Box

  1. Follow steps 1-3 in Adding a Box Item above
  2. Select a folder in which you want to save the new file

  3. Click
    The OS browse window opens
  4. Locate the file you wish to upload and click Open
  5. Continue with step 5 through 9 in Adding a Box Item above

​Creating a New Folder in Box


You can also create a folder using custom actions

  1. Follow steps 1-3 in Adding a Box Item above
  2. Select a folder under which you want to create the new folder
  3. Click
    The Create Folder window opens
  4. Type the new Folder name
  5. To copy the content of an existing folder:
    1. Select the Copy content from existing folder checkbox
    2. Click to locate and select the folder you wish to copy
  6. Add the people who will have access to the folder in the Collaborators field

    Collaborators will have both read and write permissions to the files in the folder

  7. Click
  8. Continue with step 5 through 9 in Adding a Box Item above

BOX Enterprise Plan

An Admin User can create a 3-month free trial enterprise Box account directly from Clarizen, associating that Box account  and invite all internal users in Clarizen to Box.

  1. From Clarizen's appmarketplace install Box integration
    In order to install the integration:
    • The user must be an Admin in Clarizen
    • The email associated to the Clarizen account must not be associated to an account in BOX
    • The integration was never before installed in the organization
  2. A registration email will be sent to the email address associated with your Clarizen account
    The admin installing the integration will become the Master Admin in the newly created BOX organization

    Box supports only one “master admin” (the admin who created the Box account)

    In the event that you need to replace the master admin in Box:

    • Contact Box support requesting to change the admin
    • From Clarizen choose replace master admin. The last admin credentials will be purged and credentials for the new admin will be created
  3. An invitation is sent to all internal users to use the newly created Box enterprise account
    • From this point on every new internal user will be synched to BOX once his registration to Clarizen is complete
    • any changes to users in Clarizen  (name change for example) will be synched in BOX as well
  4. From the People Module you can manually sync external users to BOX

Enabling / Disabling Automatic Sync

  1. As an Admin go to to Settings --> Applications --> installed Applications
  2. Locate the Box Integration
  3. Under the Action column, Enable / Disable the app

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