Interactive Gantt View for Projects

Key Benefits

Clarizen’s Gantt view gives a real-time interactive graphical illustration of your project’s performance, timeline and resource scheduling to help you make smarter and timely business decisions, make adjustments and keep everyone informed of the project progress.

The Gantt view is ideal for resource scheduling and project management.  You can also use it to track employee shifts or tasks, including vacation and other types of out-of-office time.

Overview of the Functionality

The Gantt View

Keep your projects on track with Clarizen’s powerful interactive Gantt view that capitalizes on the power of Gantt chart and gives more usability by displaying it next to the fully customizable grid view to provide more context and critical information. It tells you what needs to be done and when.​

Accessing the Gantt View

You can access the Gantt view by clicking the gear icon for a work plan. You can also set it as the default view in the project view editor.

Note: Starting with this release, the Gantt is a view option that you can add to any task’s, milestone’s or project’s plan directly from the gear or the view. The pop-up Flash-based Gantt view option is no longer available from the utilities ribbon.

Configuring Display Settings for the Gantt View 

Clarizen’s Gantt view display options are highly configurable to meet your project planning needs. Choose from different view options, including a baseline view, critical path view and more. Optionally, add display labels around the bar, and percentage complete in the bar itself.

Interacting with the Gantt View

Quickly and easily, adjust your project plan. Simply drag and drop or stretch bars to change start and due dates, reorder work items, or create dependences. All changes are instantly reflected in the grid view.

The Gantt view is color-coded representing project, milestone, task, and progress with a different color.

Note: The ability to interact and modify the Gantt view depends on user’s privileges for the work item they are trying to update.


Sharing the Gantt View

Share your project in the Gantt view with stakeholders, customers or partners at any point in the project’s lifecycle. You can email it as a link or a view-only widget, or add it to a web page to provide a view-only real-time performance report.

Printing the Gantt View

To print a workplan in the Gantt view:

  1. Click Utilities > Export > Print.
  2. In the Print Preview screen, select the desired settings.

    - Use the Scroll bar between the Grid and Gantt view and the Fit buttons to achieve the desired view.

    - Select A2 page size (or A1 if there are a lot of fields in the work plan grid).

    - Select Landscape orientation.

    - Click Print once ready.

  3. In the printer Printer settings:

    - Verify the layout and paper size

    - Select the Background graphics check box

    - Select print to PDF

    - Do not use margins

    - Deselect the Headers and footers check box.



What else do I need to know?

The Gantt view is enabled by default. Depending on the view selected, the Gantt view requires several fields to be available in the profile settings. For example, the % Complete field needs to be enabled for a given profile to display % Complete in the new Gantt view.

The new Gantt view does not affect Gantt widgets created prior to the release. All previously created Gantt widgets are retained; the new feature does not affect their display and behavior.

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  • Avatar
    David McGowan

    Love this new feature. The old Gant view option seems to be missing now. This was super handy when planning a project over 2 screens. Is it still possible to break out a gant specific view separately?

  • Avatar
    Gila Nehemia

    Hi David - you can easily open up a gantt as a separate screen from the Projects module, just select the relevant project and click on the Gantt button in the Utilities tab of the ribbon.

    Although i highlight recommend that you just use the new Work Plan View, which shows you the Gantt and grid side by side in a large screen.

  • Avatar
    David McGowan

    Thanks Gila, unfortunately that option doesn't appear. I'm assuming i need to activate it somewhere to have it appear on the Utilities tab?

  • Avatar
    Clarizen Team

    Hi David,
    Just to clarify, the Gantt view button is available in the Project module view and not in the item detail view. Further more, action availability can be defined in the profile settings. so if you can't see it in the project view most likely the action was disabled by your admin in the profile settings.

  • Avatar
    Mike Kalyan

    The Gantt view is great, however, is there a way to show a Gantt view for a particular resource's tasks, so they can see how their project tasks overlap when assigned to multiple projects?