JIRA Integration

To create a highly scalable and configurable product development eco-system, this update includes integration with JIRA leveraging Clarizen's integration iHub. The integration supports JIRA version 6.1 or higher, including on-premise and cloud JIRA implementations.

JIRA is a flexible and scalable issue tracker, developed by Atlassian and used primarily by software and support teams for managing product lifecycles and support-related issues.

The integration supports a variety of use cases. One of the key use cases is to support the ability of managing cross-functional R&D projects, where the R&D part of a project is managed in JIRA (including effort, and status updates), which are seamlessly synchronized with Clarizen, where project managers, executives or any other stakeholders can visualize health and progress of the entire project.

The robust and scalable bi-directional synchronization enables users of both systems to enjoy the benefits of the visibility of data on both sides, for different users of each system. The systems can be synchronizes manually or ad hoc based on your business needs.

Once the integration is enabled, Clarizen system administrator can create object and event mappings based on your use case.

Clarizen provides a predefined set of mappings (best practices) that cover all use cases. After applying these mappings, you can activate the fields required for your specific use case.

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