Enhancements to Resource Overload Display in the Team Panel

To improve system performance in the Team panel, load calculation is no longer displayed by default next to each overloaded user. Instead, there is the new Refresh load alerts option in the Team panel > Everyone drop-down. Once selected, it loads the overload indication (an exclamation point appears next to all overloaded users).

Viewing the overload indication in the team panel itself gives a better understanding into exactly what users are overloaded, and allows to quickly allocate work between team members. 

Prior to this update, when  a user was overloaded, an indication was automatically displayed next to every user which was overloaded during the defined time period (does not include all time). Calculating this indication took time and affected the performance.

The additional option to View Load in the drop-down allows you to open the Resource Load view for all users in the team, giving the ability for full load analysis on the relevant users for any time frame.

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    Avnish Bhardwaz

    How and where do we select the time duration for Refresh Load Alerts?