Document Publisher Support for PowerPoint with Macros


Clarizen Document Publisher now supports PPTM file extension – a macro-enabled version of a Power Point document, which allows you to automate certain tasks within the document.

To enable the functionality, you can either reinstall the Document Publisher app from the Clarizen Apps Marketplace, or you can manually add the PPTM value to the list of supported file extensions.

Here’s a complete list of file extensions supported by the Document Publisher:

  1. DOCX (Microsoft Word 2007+)
  2. PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint 2007+)
  3. PPTM (Microsoft PowerPoint with macros 2007+)

Manually adding PPTM to the list of supported extensions

To manually add PPTM to the list of supported extension:

  1. As a System administrator, navigate to Settings > Configure.
  2. From the Item Types menu, select Organization.
  3. Search for the Template Output Type custom field.
  4. Click Template Output Type.
  5. Add PPTM to the list of supported extensions.

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