Synchronizing data at an item type level for iHub integrations

Customers who have integrated Clarizen with a third-party software via Clarizen iHub, can now synchronize data for a specific item type when a full data synchronization is not necessary.

For example, multiple items (e.g. projects) have been updated via a workflow rule. As a Clarizen administrator, you can create a workflow rule for that specific item type. The workflow rule will call the outbound URL to initiate ad hoc data sync without waiting for the scheduled iHub sync.

Constructing the outbound URL

To construct the outbound URL you need to specify the following parameters:



Parameter Description

The URL of your iHub integration server.

There is a different URL based on the server’s geographical location.

If your Clarizen application subdomain is app2 (for example,, use the URL for the NA.

If your Clarizen application subdomain is eu1 (for example,, the URL for the EU.

 You can also visit the Clarizen Trust site to confirm the location of your Clarizen instance in the What instance I am using? section.


The third-party software integrated with Clarizen.

Available option include:

  • For Salesforce: SF
  • For JIRA: JIRA
  • For Intacct: Intacct
  • For Wave: Wave

Clarizen item type that you want to sync. For example, task, case, project, etc.

Note: A mapping for the item type must exist in the iHub integration server.

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