Project resource planning overview

To facilitate the resource planning process and ensure that you have resources optimally deployed across projects as well as within a project, Clarizen introduces project resource planning functionality for Portfolio/Program Managers, Resource Managers and Project Managers.

In the new Resource Planning view for a project, Project Managers can define the project level resource assignments over the duration of the project, with the ability to adjust the assignment load by period (i.e. day, week or month).

For projects that are in the planning stage or less fully defined, you may want to only plan resources at the project level, compared to projects that are more detailed in nature, and you are planning resources on tasks. Project Managers can see the roll-up of all assigned tasks against the project assignment, to better manage how they are utilizing resources on the project.

In the Resource Load view, Resource Managers now have the option to review capacity of a resource against their project or task-level assignments. Resource Managers can directly update the project assignments by period, to better level resource load across projects. This will help both Resource Managers to identify where they may need to hire or retrain resources, as well as helps Portfolio/Program Managers in the project approval decision process.

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    Andrew Miller

    Am I the only one struggling to understand what this new feature is about? I think its meant to allow you to split a resources time between projects, so they can work on multiple projects, but the individual project managers can't over allocate that individual. I've played around with it, but it doesn't seem to do much. Are there any video tutorials available?

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