Dependent picklists

A dependent picklist is a custom picklist for which the valid values depend on the value of another (controlling) field. You can use dependent picklists to help your users enter accurate and consistent data.

Note:  Limitation – dependent picklists do not support multi-select picklists.

The following custom dependent picklists and corresponding fields (for the Grid view) are available out-of-the box for Projects:

  • Region (Controlling picklist)
  • Country (Dependent picklist)
  • State (Dependent picklist)

Using dependent picklists

After selecting a value from the controlling picklist (i.e. Region), the list of countries selected for the region is displayed in the Country field.

You can also select a value from a dependent picklist (i.e. Country), and if only one value is mapped to the controlling picklist (i.e. Region), the value for the Region column is auto-populated.

Defining dependent picklists

As a System administrator, you can modify values for the existing dependent picklists, as well as create new ones in Settings > Configure.

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  • Avatar
    Ariel Rak

    When is this released out of labs? It isn't showing on the labs page.

  • Avatar
    Josh Santos

    It will graduate from labs on September 19th!

  • Avatar

    Josh -

    Is there any method to populate or maintain dependent picklists via API?

  • Avatar
    Josh Santos

    I don't believe so at the moment.

  • Avatar
    Mustafa Kipergil

    Is there a way of creating a new "DEPENDENT ON" field from custom picklists in the system ?
    For example I have a custom picklist value named with "Discipline" and want to create a new picklist which is dependent on "Discipline" fields.
    How can we do it ? Is it possible ?

  • Avatar
    Josh Santos

    Yes, that is exactly what the Dependent Picklists are for unless I am misunderstanding the question. You would create the new field and set it to be Dependent on Discipline.

  • Avatar
    Mustafa Kipergil

    As far as I saw, we couldnt define new new fields like region,state,country which will be used as "dependent on" by other fields.

    So we just want to create new fields beside built-in Region,state and country fields...Is it possible ?

  • Avatar
    Josh Santos

    Yes, it is definitely possible. Region, State, Country are just examples, you can use your own custom fields.

  • Avatar
    Mustafa Kipergil

    Ok now I understand how dependent fields are working. It just lists other picklist fields of the same entity type on the popup page while choosing dependent field. (i.e. entitytype.field1 can only be dependent on entitytype.field2 )

    This is why I confused a little bit.
    I just tried to create a dependency between fields of different entity types.( i.e project.field1 should be dependent on user.field2, or request.field1 should be dependent on organizastion.field2 etc )

    But I guess this is not possible so far.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Avatar
    Mustafa Kipergil

    Is there a way to use/show dependent picklist in custom actions ?

    For example I had a discipline field on request which is dependent on region.
    But when I create a custom action on organization level for a custom request insert popup ,
    I used added Discipline field as a variable.

    But the dependency logic wasnt reflected on the UI part.
    It is properly working on request detail page but it is not working on custom actions ?

    Is it possible to create a dependent picklist variable in custom actions ?

  • Avatar
    Jared Thompson

    From the article:
    Note: At this time, dependent picklists do not support multi-select picklists. Stay tuned!

    Is there a timeline around when this will be enabled functionality - we are bringing other teams into our instance and want to avoid having to create additional custom fields for the same thing just so different teams can have multi-select picklists.

  • Avatar
    william pan

    Hi! Is there way to programmatically retrieve the picklists and their dependencies using the Rest Api?

    Thank you