Why plan resources at the project level?

Optimize top-level resource planning by time phase to achieve full resource utilization and ensure teams are working on the right projects at the right time.

Top level resource planning

As a Project Portfolio Manager, plan resources at the top level for the entire period or a specific time phase of your project.

You can define the allocation and start/end date for each resource by name or group over time. For example, 50% during the first month, 20% during the second month, etc.

Perform resource load analysis by user or group to view total demand (project assignment) by time phase, identify bottlenecks and communicate resource requirements in a timely manner.

Balance resources across projects

As a Resource or Project Manager, effectively balance your resources (users or groups) by time period across multiple projects. Balance workload (by reassigning work, or making other adjustments) of individual users or groups between multiple projects in any time period for the duration of a project. 

Add visibility into resource allocation to ensure engagement and long-term alignment of key stakeholders. For example, as a Resource or Project Manager, you want to communicate to managers on what projects their direct repots are working on at any given time.

System of reference for resource planning

As a Resource or Project Manager, create top level plans in Clarizen for better visibility, cross-project planning and reporting, when breaking down projects in another system (e.g. JIRA).

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    Alraai Nsk

    Hello Natasha, I use to work with Calrizen since couple of months to plan my own Projects, IT type projects
    I am still not good on resource management, the issue I am always having in my Projects is resource over-allocation 200% 300% ..
    what am I doing wrong and how can I avoid resource over allocation?
    when I allocate resource x versus task a for a period of time p, this period of time usually scaled as week or day or hour not in %
    how can I ensure resource x don't exceed the 100% resource allocation for a period of 1 week?
    not sure if I explained the issue correctly, hope you can help.
    thanks a lot anyway

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    Emily Triyonis

    By "Top level resource planning" do you mean to say you don't encourage the breakdown of a work plan and assign people to tasks/sub items?

  • Avatar
    Craig Budinich

    Hi Natasha - by this approach am I able to maintain a detailed project plan without having to manage the resource utilization on the individual tasks?