This page describes Clarizen shortcuts and includes the following sections:

About Shortcuts

Shortcuts allow you to link a work item from any other draft or active project and have the work item available as a 'read-only' view on your project.
Shortcuts are a great way to reference external work items by allowing you to create inter-project dependencies or to allow for external items to impact your current project. You can add a shortcut to any level of your project and milestones added as a shortcut will even appear in your roadmap.

See also Best Practices for Inter-Project Dependencies


Adding a Shortcut

  1. Navigate to a work item's Work Plan panel.
  2. Select an item in the grid .
  3. On the Common ribbon, click Add and select Shortcut.

    The Add Shortcuts multi-find window opens.

Figure 1: Add Shortcuts Multi-find Window

  1. Configure the find window as necessary.
  2. Click OK

    The data is sent to the server, the shortcut appears in the selected item's Item Detail view Work Plan panel.

Using Shortcuts to Create Portfolios

Another great usage for shortcuts is for the creation of project portfolios. When creating a project portfolio simply select the shortcut option from the drop-down, search for the relevant projects to link in, and select them.

These projects become 'read-only' views of the original work items which are also now seen in the project roadmap.



Shortcut Settings

There are two settings for shortcuts located in the Project's Properties card, under the Schedule Settings and Finance Settings sections.

Figure 2: Properties Card Shortcut Settings

  • Rollup Progress and Dates from shortcuts — Rolls up the reported progress and all dates from shortcuts into the project


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