Text Field Enhancements

The following enhancements have been added for text fields:

Content in Text Fields is Searchable


Content in Text Area/Rich Text Area fields is now searchable. 


Use the Global search to find content from Text Area and Rich-Text Area fields (standard and custom) in different object types; Work Items, Cases, etc.

How it Works


In the Field properties, select the Searchable checkbox. It is disabled by default.

How to use it

In the this example, the project's Description is 'New chicken feed brand testing'.

Enter the search query in the Global Search (can be partial string), and click Enter (or click See more Results) to view the full search results.


The returned results include the related Project.

Filter Rich-Text Areas by Content/No Content


You can now filter rich-text area fields by fields with content, and those without (blank).

How it Works

Click on the column header to select the Blank or Non-blank filter.





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