New Standard Fiscal Year Summary Fields for Budgeted Cost / Expected Revenue

What's New

We added new standard Fiscal Year Summary fields on the Project level for Budgeted Cost / Expected Revenue, split by Capex/Opex, and Labor/Non-Labor.

Existing fields include:

  • FY Forecast at Completion Cost
  • FY Forecast Cost
  • FY Forecast Cost Capex
  • FY Forecast Cost Opex

The newly added fields are:

  • FY Budgeted Cost
  • FY Budgeted Cost Capex
  • FY Budgeted Cost Labor
  • FY Budgeted Cost Non-labor
  • FY Budgeted Cost Opex
  • FY Expected Revenue
  • FY Expected Revenue Labor
  • FY Forecast Revenue
  • FY Planned Profit


Note: The fields do not appear in the Financial Planning module.


  • Easily use the new fields in flat reports and Slide Publisher, without the need for complex workflows and custom fields to summarize the data. For example, there's no need to use the GetTotalFinancialSummaryForFixedPeriod function, which could be used to calculate some of the new fields.
  • Summarizes Opex vs Capex and Labor vs Non-Labor, which is a complex process when using a workflow.

Important note

These summary fields do not update in realtime. They are calculated nightly, or you can refresh the financial data in the Financial Planning screen, or by using the Calculate Project Financials business rule action.


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