Calculate Project Financials - A New Action for Custom Actions and Scheduled Workflow Rules

What's New

A new Calculate Project Financials action triggers a refresh of financial data for multiple projects. The action is available in Custom Actions and Scheduled Workflows.


Previously, the Financial Planning refresh only ran: 

  • On-demand, when clicking the Refresh button in the Financial Planning module
  • Nightly, if the project was edited




  • Refresh Financials and Fiscal Year & YTD summary fields for all projects on demand
  • Choose a selection of projects, and run a refresh without the need to open Financial Planning views

When the project is updated, the Last Financial Planning Date is updated. 

Note: Unlike the Refresh action in the Financial Planning screen, the action does not cause the "Refreshing..." panel to display on the screen.


If a project does not have any updates, the Last Financial Planning calculation date will not be updated. 

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