Automatic Allocation of Requestor Licenses to New or Suspended Users via SSO Login

What's New

Note: This feature is in controlled availability, and will be released for general availability soon. To gain early access, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Users logging in via Single-Sign-On (SSO) without active Clarizen licenses, but are recognized by the organization's Identity Provider (IDP), will automatically receive Requester licenses.

The following users will receive a Requestor license, provided there are available Requestor licenses: 

  • Non-existent user - A new user will be created and the user will be logged in.
    The new user's credentials will be as follows:
    • The username will be based on the SSO name
    • The email will be based on either a SAML response, or if the organization domain exists, then with the format:
      Note: If none of the above options exist, the user will not be created, and a message to contact the administrator will be displayed
    • First and last names will be based on SSO details if they exist, otherwise will be left blank
  • Suspended user - The user will be reactivated and a Requester license will be assigned irrespective  of the original license type

How it Works

Under Global SettingsFederated Authentication settings, fill in the required SSO settings, and then:

  • Select the Enable Requester Access checkbox to automatically provide licenses based on the rules above
  • Requester Access Profile - select the default Profile for new Requestor users



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