Timesheet Reporting Enhancements

What's New

We have introduced 2 new features to enhance timesheet reporting.

Job Title Field in Timesheets

A user's job title is now included in timesheets. This is useful:

  • for collecting and reporting on historic data, where the job title is required for the user at the time they logged time. For example, a user may have had a different job title in the past, or may have worked in the capacity of a different job title for a specific project
  • for integrations via our API, with finance or other systems that require the Job Title

The Job Title will be added to timesheets if the user has a Job Title defined, and is updated close to real-time for new timesheets.

Note: This feature works going forward, so historic data from before this release will not be collected.

If you have enabled Date Effective Rates, you’ll get the extended Prices and Rates screen (Work Plan > Resourcing > Prices and Rates) that displays both the User Job Title and their Job Title for Billing.


New User Fields: Timesheets Expected From & Timesheets Complete Until

You can now set 2 new fields: the Timesheets Expected From date and Timesheets Complete Until date, which provide the last complete day where time was submitted and approved, so sum(submitted + approved timesheets) = working hours. If the calculated sum does not equal working hours, then you can know from when a timesheet was not submitted.


This is useful for:

  • tracking and reporting on users who should be reporting timesheets
  • using in Validation Rules – to prevent current day timesheets when previous days are missing
  • using in Workflow Rules to remind users of missing days upon login

It works close to real-time, and is updated when there are changes to timesheet durations and states, calendar exceptions, or working hours.




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    Karen Verheyden

    Is the Timesheets Expected From a calculated field? Or should you enter it manually?
    Can it be used for resource and capacity planning to set a start date (can be planned as from') for a certain user?