Support for Variables in Outbound Call URLs for Workflow Rules and Custom Actions


You can use variables in Outbound Call actions for Workflow Rules and Custom Actions, rather than adding static or hard-coded URLs.

in this example:{projectId}/{ownerId}

projectId and ownerId are variables.



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    Mustafa Kipergil

    Is this feature deployed to all instances ?
    When i try to use a variable in outbound call urls, I can't save the workflow rule because of the URL validation error

    This validation message appears right away.
    Invalid URL (Expected Format :

    Can you remove the validation here so we can directly use a variable on organisation level which contains https:// part as in it.

    Like this :

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    Mustafa Kipergil

    Creating a seperate variable like you did ( hostname ) and use it inside URL fields is possible and it works fine.
    But using org level fields directly inside the URL field is not supported. ( without defining a variable )
    i.e : URL : {Organization.C_OutboundCallApiDomain}/api/PostOutboundCall}